Horoscopes within planets

The energy of your Sun sign colors every aspect of your life.

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The Sun rules Leo as well as the fifth astrological house the house of pleasure and creativity. The Moon is your need for comfort and security. It governs your emotions and is responsible for their ebb and flow. The Moon is the mother archetype.

Planets and Their Meanings

It's feminine in nature and has a strong influence on your moods The Moon rules Cancer and governs the fourth astrological house the house of "home, family, heritage, and roots. Astrologically, Mercury is a small, but a very busy planet.

It represents your need to learn, think and communicate. Mercury sparks curiosity. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo and holds sway over the third house the house of talking and communicating and sixth house the house of your mundane life. Venus is your need for harmonious relationships.

It's feminine in nature and brings diplomacy to all your interactions with others. Venus encourages you to reflect on what is important in life and strive to find balance. Venus rules the signs of Taurus and Libra and governs the second house the house of personal possessions and seventh houses the house of committed relationships. Mars, named for the Roman god of war, is the planet of survival.

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Mars is personal and physical. It's about sexuality and your courage. It speaks of how and for what you'd fight. Mars is the ruler of Aries, co-ruler of Scorpio and governs the first house the house of self as well as the eighth house the house of sexuality, death, and rebirth.

Jupiter is the planet that encourages us to expand our horizons! It brings a sense of optimism and increases our chance of good fortune. Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius , is co-ruler of Pisces. Saturn provides you with a sense of structure and limitations. It's your sense of restriction, commitment, prestige, maturity, discipline, and order. Where jolly Jupiter urges you to "go for it", Saturn cautions you to act more conservatively.

Saturn is your reality check.

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While reading newspapers and magazines, we all have gone through the horoscope page and read about our zodiacs and predictions for days, months or years. But only a few know that there is a huge difference between Astrology and Horoscope. In this post, we will find what are the basic concepts of Astrology and horoscope and what is the basic difference between both of them.

Astrology is a pseudoscience that studies the planets, sun, stars and their influence in our daily life. If we look into history we can see that Astrology has been practiced in many countries and has been the prime source of making life predictions.

Ugliness in astrology

In ancient times, people used to know the importance of Astrology in human life and thus used it for predicting marriage, love and commencement of various events. According to astrologers, due to the diverse study of Astrology in various cultures, you can find pervasiveness of different types of Astrology in the world such as Vedic Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Horary Astrology, Western Astrology, Election Astrology etc.

Also known as Indian Astrology, this type of Astrology is considered as one of the ancient forms prevalent in the Astrology world. This branch of Astrology is mainly evolved in the ancient Han dynasty. Chinese Astrology uses animal signs for the yearly predictions. Besides this, it also believes in yin-yang, Wu Sing teachings and five elements as major sources of predictions.

Unlike Indian Astrology, this branch creates the birth chart on the basis of Tropical Zodiac i. The modern concept of Astrology that we use and practice in our daily life is mostly inspired by Western Astrology. This Western Astrology concept involves natal or birth chart and predictions based on your birth information. It is believed to be the best way to know your past, present, future and decide the best course of action accordingly.

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Considering the basic definition, Horoscope is a basic chart that includes the predictions based on the sun signs, planets positions, zodiacs, aspects and so on. These are short and general forecast that shares the insights into your personality and different aspects of life. By using the Horoscope chart, you may know your daily predictions, love predictions, career readings and many more.

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In other words, Horoscope is a small astrological chart that calculates the positions of planets with your tropical or sidereal zodiac in order to make future predictions. Although reading and understanding your horoscope is vast, people visualize horoscope as the readings that they view in newspapers and magazines.


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However, the readings are based on your Astrology signs, such horoscope predictions only share a rare view of your persona. Thus, to get a deeper understanding of your life, you must always know how to read and analyse your Astrology chart. Here, is the quick handy table that points out the basic differences between Astrology and Horoscope.