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They have various personality traits based on twelve western astrological signs, like elegant Aries, imaginative Taurus, positive Gemini, sentimental Cancer, wise Leo, cautious Virgo, suspicious Libra, calm Scorpio, self-esteemed Sagittarius, prudent Capricorn, bookish Aquarius and creative Pisces. Rabbit's Personality by Blood Types.

Helping others will make them feel happy. Acute instinct makes them grasp every possible chance to make a fortune. They have a special taste and talent in art, which make them looks different. Which Type of 'Rabbit' Are You? Fire Rabbit , Broad-minded with special foresight. Water Rabbit , Gentle and agreeable; adaptable but easy to be influenced by others. Rabbit Zodiac Eminent Personalities. I am born on November 17 , what's stores for for this upcoming According to the prediction, you will have a large chance to enjoy a good fortune in Generally speaking, you will have a great performance in your work place with clear and creative ideas.

In this way, your wealth condition will be also stable. I had being struggling for quite some years financially. I'm just wondering if I will ever recuperate and when will my career take a turn for the best and become financially secure.

February 9th Zodiac

Also will I ever find love so I could finally married. Thank you. Based on the Chinese zodiac prediction, your situations of career and wealth will change into a good stage in early You will be busy at work and may work overtime in order to have several developments. There is one thing you need to pay attention to. You are not advised to invest some money on unfamiliar fields. Or you may lose some money. Answered by Aiden Sep. Sorry, I cannot find the natal chart for your birth date.

Maybe you can look through some information on this website. What's the compatibility of a married couple comprising a female Fire Rabbit and a male Wood Ox? Don't worry. You are born to be a good match. You are all very smart people, and can be best partners in business. Some time later, the pair said they became aware of what seemed to be conflicts in the original sale agreements between Astrology.

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Kelli Fox complains that her followers were confused about whether she had left iVillage because of language on the site referring to her as "publisher" and "your Astrologer. The Foxes also say that iVillage expanded the scope of her name and likeness beyond their agreed "field of use"--which was online astrology for women--to other areas such as psychic services and horse-betting advice.

After sending initial letters to iVillage asking for changes, Kelli and David Fox filed a formal complaint on August 16, , in U.

District Court for the Northern District of California. It charged iVillage with breach of contract, trademark infringement, federal false advertising, cybersquatting and unfair competition, among other grievances. They sought a permanent injunction against iVillage for infringing on the Kelli Fox mark, cancellation of the Kellifox.

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On October 4, , iVillage filed a motion to dismiss the case. A judge granted the motion to dismiss a month later on the grounds that the complaint failed to state a federal claim for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. The court didn't address the merits of the case.

The Foxes refiled their lawsuit in December in California Superior Court with the same complaints under state law. The following month, iVillage sought to dismiss the suit, but the court has allowed it to proceed.

Years of the Rabbit

That's partially because clauses in the two parties' original separation agreement barred the Foxes from filing any complaints following their departure. The Foxes said that they had a noncompete agreement with iVillage until February , six years after the sale of the company. They add that they honored the agreement and that they're headed back into horoscopes full-bore. They've built new software for delivering daily horoscopes and chart readings, and the plan is to license the service to third parties.

Astrology and natal chart of David Gallagher, born on /02/09

So far, they've teamed with Cingular and Sprint to offer astrology videos via mobile phones. The Foxes are also investors in several companies, including the hybrid ferry company Solar Sailor and a social network for sick people called Patientslikeme. So what's next for the lawuit? Ira Rothken, managing partner of Rothken Law Firm , who handles many trademark disputes, said he is dubious about the Foxes' case because most consumers wouldn't necessarily believe Kelli Fox is the one prescribing personal horoscopes at iVillage when the site reads "powered by Kepler," which is software that runs the site.

Kelli or anyone else is drafting a personal profile.

February 9 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

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A star-crossed tale of Internet astrology Star signs and dollar signs are clashing in a legal battle involving pioneers of online horoscopes and a Web survivor from the dot-com boom. Stefanie Olsen.