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First week of this year should bring a lot of relief for you. You shall get ample opportunities to solve and overcome some ongoing problems from the past. Things are improving from health perspective as well. Things will improve at family front as well.

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Students have to more serious towards their studies. In the Second Week, For people who are employed will have chances of pending transfers.

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You have to be careful about this. Situations should change. Things which are stuck will progress further. People who are at business or profession will see good times ahead. Third Week should be a good week for you.

Taurus Daily Horoscope

There are chances that you may have solutions to certain problems from the past. Apart from this the progress in certain things will bring much needed joy to you. Work-wise your stress will continue but at the same time there will be a promotion or some betterment in your career is indicating in this year. You may also need to control your tongue as due to unnecessary talking you may get punished. There will be an unexpected change in your job between March and April this year.

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Business people and professional's, self-employed people artist will have an excellent year. Transit of Jupiter over the 7th house will give you all over success. Sometimes you may not get desired recognition, but it won't be a problem as you will see overall success. This year Rahu transiting over the 2nd house from March onwards. This transit may cause some minor issues at your family especially misunderstandings and unnecessary quarrels.

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You need to burn while talking with your family members as Rahu transit or second house gives you more ego and loose tongue. The aspect of Jupiter over the 11th house will give support from your friends and relatives. This year you will have a good financial position. It is not good to invest between March April and after November as Jupiter will transit over the 8th house which is not good to invest money in this time.

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So, you need to be careful while spending as this may lead to financial problems in coming days. Saturn transit over 8th house may give unnecessary expenditure especially for those who are in business. This year you will have good health. There are no major health problems are indicating in this year.

Daily/Today Horoscope by Moon Sign

Saturn transit over 8th house may give minor health issues related to bones legs and lungs. Ketu transit over 8th house may give you mental stress and skin diseases or allergies. To overcome this problem of home remedies to Ketu and Saturn. Students and youth will have a very good year. Due to Saturn's transit over 8th house and Rahu transit over 2nd house may give you lack patience and less concentration.

The Jupiter transit over the 7th house will help you to think positively but at the same time Rahu transit over the second house will make you more egoistic person. Those who are writing complete exam will get success in the first half of this year.